What we can accomplish together

What Relationship Coaching looks like: me walking alongside my clients in their relational journeys as a curious companion who is a lovingly supportive and sometimes gently challenging guide. Some of what I offer includes:

Presence and support
Challenge and feedback
Tools to navigate conflict
Emotion regulation guides and resources
Communication tools
Present-centered focus
Embodiment prompts

I also harvest the fruit of what comes up between us because as nearly all spaces are relational, so too is the coach-client space. Together we work to form a safe container that sees you where you are and challenges you to grow in areas you feel blocked, held back, confused, unsure, challenged, or whatever might be coming up for you. The Sociology student in me holds a systems view: zooming out, while still holding the unique quality of your experience.


Before working together, I suggest a 20-minute consultation to get to know each other, discuss the challenges and opportunities, and what coaching looks like.

Coaching Series

I work with clients in 60-minute 1:1 sessions to identify their relationship goals and use accountability to support them toward reaching those goals. To see meaningful change, I recommend committing to a series. I offer a minimum of 6 sessions which can be spread out over 3 months (meet every other week), over 6 months (meet every month), or in a configuration combining these that works best with your pace and needs. This includes accountability check-ins between sessions (text/video/voice memo) with response within 24hrs. Pricing, payment and sliding scale options, and contract details to be shared by email prior to first session.

Coaching 1:1

This is a 1-hr session for one-off bookings, either as standalone or to be added to a series. Sometimes you need one-time or additional support or a check in as challenges arise in your relationship.
This includes pre-session planning and post-session check-in (text, video, or voice memo). It also includes a 15-minute touch-base within two weeks of session if needed.
Pricing, payment and sliding scale options, and contract details to be shared by email prior to session.